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Food Social Media Marketing

I produce content for the culinary industry including still photography and video. My target audience is small chains and independent restaurant owners. I need a name that’s easy to say, remember and somewhat creative but not over the top.


Content Marketing Website

Starting a content marketing agency where I show businesses how to use social responsibility and activism in their marketing to promote their brands, align themselves with good causes and make their customers love them more. I'll be sho..


Lifestyle Product Incubator/Marketing Company/Service

This company will manage and market other e-commerce brands across multiple niches. This name will be used in job ads and local branding so something either short and catchy or somewhat descriptive...


Online Training & Marketing Courses

Training junior teams to senior level performance in event planning, digital marketing, multi media production & design. Target Audience: Corporations, small- medium businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurship, Like:..


Marketing and Business Systems Consulting Firm

We do campaign planning and project management, messaging, and copywriting. Still figuring out the ideal audience -- possibly green builders/remodelers, health and fitness professionals/institutions, licensed professional services/healt..


Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agency specializing in social media marketing. Need a creative name. Shorter is preferable. 2 options for logo: 1.- Color Whell, 2.- Chameleon Domains name must be available: .com or .mx


Online Marketing Website

Target audience is service businesses. A name that will invoke trust and integrity at the same time relates to the business which is digital marketing. One word or two words preferred. Thanks


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