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Medical Device Company Name Contests

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Medical Device Company Name Contests

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Urgent and Family Care Medical Clinic

The primary name must include MED Or Clinic and be large for better viewing from a far distance. The name should be unique and portray quick efficient care...

Winner: MedHomeTown.com

Medical Travel Website

Medical travel company which works like booking.com or hotels.com. It works as searching clinic by treatment name in 10 countries, finding clinic and contacting with them...

Winner: Mediglobo.com

Medical Domains

A site to sell medical/health/doctor domains.

Winner: Nursedomains.com

Functional or Integrative Medical Clinic

In Functional Medicine we look at a person as a whole. We search to find the root cause of their symptoms, most of which boils down to poor gut health, malabsorption, and inflammation that have cascading effects causing mood disorders,..

Winner: BrighterLifeMed.com

Domain Name for Practice Management Application for Medical Professsionals

The software is intuitive, fresh, funky, trendy and modern. It includes a patient portal with self service bookings and access to medical information...

Winner: NexaHealth.com

Medical Clinic Name and Domain

Multi-practice clinic, surgery, laser and therapy oriented. Name should be short (up to 10 letters).

Winner: Noverma.com

Name for New Medical Equipment and Supply Tracking Company

New company starting selling technology solutions to hospitals to track inventories and equipment. This is primarily a tech company that will provide insights on how to improve operational efficiency through inventory tracing/tracking.

Winner: Medigistix.com

Medical Billing and Coding Services

WE are a service that Physicians can outsource their Medical Billing and coding to.

Winner: BillMedix.com

Medical Weight Loss Website and Clinic

Opening an evidence-based medical weight loss website and clinic. The goal of both the physical location and the website is to offer proven, evidence-based medical weight loss information and treatment overseen by obesity medicine s..

Winner: Losslab.com

Medical Tourism

The platform will list curated internationally accredited hospitals and doctors. The platform will allow a consumer to shop for medical procedures abroad in a safe and secure manner and will contain reviews and ratings of the health ins..

Winner: MDPassports.com

Medical Consulting Company

Medical providers will be providing various types of services including quality reviews, peer reviews, updating policies, performing insurance and disability evaluations. Traits important to me are professional services; compassion; qu..

Winner: PremierMediConsult

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