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Events Meeting Website

Hi there, We're looking to create an an events meeting application Quite simple this system lets you book meetings for your conference/expo Were looking for a quirky name, easy to remember and reflects the events industry I ..

Creative Meeting Event Experience Design Consultancy

Turning a meeting into an experience OR Turning an event into an experience... I will be the visionary to a consulting business that focuses on taking a business challenge or opportunity and turning it into an experience...

App for Showing (And Making) Bookings Outside Meeting Rooms

We have developed an app to run on tablets mounted on the walls outside meetings/conference rooms, where it will show if the room is free/vacant or busy/occupied. It also shows you what the current meeting is about (the meeting subject)..

Name for Online Meeting Scheduler (.Com Domain)

We are looking for a name for online meeting scheduler. User creates a poll and sends invitations to his/her friends that vote for the best date...

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