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Rename Contact Monitor

Currently called 'Contact Monitor' www.contactmonitor.com.au, we are looking for a name which is short, witty, modern and a little playful. A key requirement is that the .com domain name must be available...

Winner: Wyseye.com

Service to Monitor Websites & Networks Send Alerts when Down

This is a service that monitors websites, servers and networks to ensure that they are online, and sends alerts to the owners when they are not. (Similar to companies like Pingdom, Monitis, Site 24x7, Paessler, etc.) The best name wo..

Winner: NetAwake.com

Mobile Bandwidth Monitoring Service

We have an open source project focused on ranking the quality of internet providers in the country by time and location. We are based in Rwanda where the internet quality of service varies wildly throughout the day...

Winner: BitRanks.com

Website/E-Business Offering Remote Monitoring Data-Centre/Cloud Operations

Main business focus id offering remote monitoring services for it infratsructure targeting smb. on top of the monitoring service, tuning assistants/advisories and/or professional consulting will be offered...

Winner: Tracture.com

Waste Monitoring Sensor

I'm looking for a name for a product I started working on a while ago, which I want to commercialize. It's an electronic sensor placed inside a waste container, which will register when it is picked up by the truck, measure how full ..

Winner: WasteSentinel.com

Name My Remote Wound Monitoring Company

We enable healthcare providers to remotely monitor their patients via a cloud-based platform. We're initially focusing on wound care. We would love a new name that captures what we do, both professionally and cleverly.

Winner: RemoteHeal.com

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