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Natural Health Name Contests

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Natural Health Name Contests

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Natural Bath and Body Products

Creating handmade Soap and body products in small batches using natural ingredients. Including Oils, butters, clays, essential oils, botanicals, goats, coconut and almond milk...

Winner: EarthCosmo.com

Natural Ayurveda Brand Name and Preferably Domain Name

Start-up company dealing with Herbal, Natural Ayurvedic products in cosmetics and Dietary supplements. Looking for a Brand Name (3-5 Characters) should be meaningful and should connect with the theme of Ayurveda or Organic category...

Winner: Luxazara.com

Baby Store Selling Organic or Natural Products

Bundle of joy - selling stuff that makes baby enjoy the comfort & softness of baby stuff used, making baby a joy to parents

Winner: BabyNaturaIs.com

Natural Cosmetics Brand

I am going to start my new company selling cosmetics which will be more or less 97% natural. It will be respectful of the environment and much better for skin, hair, health.....

Winner: BeCharme.com

Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural Cleaning Company

House Cleaning Company specializing in natural cleaning services.

Winner: ScrubTree.com

Natural Supplement for Women

Looking for a nice, soft pharma sounding name for a new supplement for women 30-50. Examples are Suvaril, Provarin, Estroven, etc.

Winner: Luravil.com

Natural Body Products

I make natural soaps, body butters, masks, detergent, etc.. all the names i come up with sound like names i've heard before like, pure essence, natural serenity, etc.....

Winner: AKissOfNature.com

High End Vitamin and Natural Supplement Company

Looking for a strong, simple, smart name. One that represents credibility and quality...

Winner: Biomide.com

Natural Skincare Product Line With Small Store Front

Need a name for a skincare and lip balm product line. Our products are made with 100% natural and cruelty-free ingredients, organic aromatherapy oils, and naturally derived micas for color...

Winner: VitalSkinLab.com

Living Natural and Cooking Vegetarian

Green Natural Living, Vegetarian recipes,

Winner: TrulyMadlyGreenly.com

Natural Herbal Ayurveda Brand Name

Start-up company dealing with Herbal, Natural Ayurvedic products in cosmetics and Dietary supplements. Looking for a Brand Name (3-5 Characters) should be meaningful, clear and easy to Spell and should connect with the theme of Ayurved..

Winner: Chuma.com

Memorable Name for a Cosmetic Powder Made from Mix of Natural Clays

Description of the product: perfect base for make-up. It creates the perfect matt effect on the skin, extends the foundation's durability and helps fight imperfections...

Winner: Clay Delights

Natural Health & Wellness Company

Need a basic, strong, smart, credible name for a natural health & wellness company. Domian DOES NOT need to be available. Looking for memorable names that inspire credibility, efficacy, intelligence, strength.

Winner: Wellford

Brand for Natural Care Products

We are starting a company that sells natural body care products. We want to give a natural alternative for all our favorite products...

Winner: Greenicca.com

Looking for a Name for Natural Supplements Store.

Looking for a name for natural supplements store - I will sell liposomal vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements of diet. I also plan to sell: - some basic food products, such as coconut oil, organic gluten-free bread etc ..

Winner: NutraFortis.com

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