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Nutrition Blog Name Contests

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Nutrition Blog Name Contests

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Nutrition Business

I am looking for a easy to remember catchy name for my nutrition coaching business.

Winner: Nutrillio.com

Nutrition & Health Supplement Products

We are starting nutrition and health supplement line. Targeting health and weight conscious people in general and women in particular...

Winner: Vitimax.com

Holistic Nutrition

I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor. My passion is to help families and children make healthier food and lifestyle choices...

Winner: AltoPure.com

Nutritionist Esthetician Personal Trainer Team Up

Clients: M & W 18-70 yrs old. Quick weight loss diets...

Winner: Nutritician.com

Content Marketing & PR - Health and Beauty Industry:Cosmetics Nutritional Pharma

Hi Guys, We've got business plan for new innovate project dedicated for health and beauty industry: cosmetics, nutritional, para-pharmacy. We will provide services like: - Media monitoring - Viral marketing - Content marketing ..

Winner: Pharmado.com

Nutrition Business

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with over 20+years in law enforcement so i am turning my investigative skills towards helping people with nutrition. I am a Metabolic Balance coach (on their website) which is a German-engineered ..

Winner: DietCSI.com

Name for a Business Dealing With Nutrition Fitness Healthy Families & Kids

Hello! I have been having a hard time here.....

Winner: HolisticHealthyways.com

Holistic Nutritionist Business

Holistic nutritionist business. Specializing in healthy aging and earth friendly eating. Body, mind, spirit as one will age gracefully with the appropriate earth friendly foods - Organic local earth friendly foods.

Winner: EarthlyEat.com

Anti-Depression Nutritional Supplement

A nutritional supplement marketed as a natural (not a prescription drug) remedy for depression. It was created by a psychiatrist (medical doctor) for people who suffer from depression but don't want to take prescription medications beca..

Winner: Enlifta.com

Sports Nutrition E-Commerce Site

Hi guys I need a name for an e-comm store selling branded sports nutrition supplements/products. Stores going to offer more than just protein powder for bodybuilding enthusiasts and would will also target team sport athletes as well ..

Winner: ExaltNutrition.com

Suggest Names for a Brand Selling Nutritional Products

Need suggestions for a brand name under which premium nutritional and health products will be marketed and sold. Examples of products this brand will sell include protein bars, energy bars, shakes, whole grains, supplements, etc...

Winner: BodyPrimo.com

Nutritionist Practitioner Consultant

A holistic nutrition consultancy business. My target audience is everyone who wants to improve their current health status and work towards achieving optimal health and nutrition...

Winner: NourishingYouNaturally.com

Name a Nutritional Supplement for Heart Health

This is a product name. What matters is not the URL but the uniqueness of the product in the market...

Winner: CardioWin.com

Name a Nutritional Supplement for Brain Health

This is a product name. What matters is not the URL but the uniqueness of the product in the market...

Winner: Cognitab.com

Name a Nutritional Supplement for Vision Health

This is a product name. What matters is not the URL but the uniqueness of the product in the market...

Winner: OptiSurge.com

Nutritional Supplements Company

Nutritional Supplements Company Leaning towards weight loss / appetite suppressing supplements.

Winner: Nutrilyte.com

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