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Consulting Group that Offers Customized Resources K12

Name for a consulting company that helps source custom curriculum or instructional resources including technology, books, professional development resources for grades K-12 USA. We offer a virtual personal shopping experience for school..

Company that Offers Psychotherapy/Counseling Retreats Consulting Workshops Events

A partnership specializing in anti oppression centered services and experiences. We work at the intersections of culture, community, and liberation...

Business that Offers Online Speech Therapy to Schools Via Video Conferencing Software

Since this is a business that will employ people, I want an actual name for the company, not just a domain. It has to sound good when people say "I work at _____".

Name for Company that Offers Leadership and Debating Courses to Students

I am looking for a name for my to be established company that aims to provide leadership and debating courses to students. The courses will be centred on global issues (climate change, corruption, water scarcity in Africa, etc.), are hi..

Business Franchise that Offers Fitness Training and Products

This is an online business, virtual storefront, targeting people to join our franchise. We want to convey this franchise is easy (little/no risk) with great rewards (become fit while making money).

Name for Company which Offers Research Advice

The company offers advice on research methods, data collection, survey and questionnaire design, customer and area profiling. Services are provided to charities, community groups and small businesses...

Website With Offers Coupons from Local & E-Commerce Stores (Like Retailmenot)

We have a website '', and we are looking to rename it. Our product aggregates offers & coupons from local businesses & e-commerce websites and provides it to consumers for discovery...

We Need a Name for a Parent Company that Offers a Broad Range of Services.

We are a long standing marketing service provider. We are branching out into a lot of different areas...

Name for a Company which Offers a Playground for Early Adopters and Geeks.

Hi, I am looking for a name for a company which offers a playground for early adopters where they can test geeky products like gadgets new apps....

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