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Original Name Contests

"Story Snacks" Was Original Name - Looking for Something Similar But Different.

Winner is TheSnackHub.com out of 201 names

Gourmet snack company with a direct mission of helping others. This company will be a collection of snacks...mine, and others, launching initially with my 'snack' product...

Social News Startup Focused on Viral Content With Some Original Reporting.

Winner is MediaBreakfast.com out of 150 names

We want Silly. Cheezberger, Onion, Buzz, Daily Chive etc. These type of sites have silly names. That is what we want. Looking for a catchy name, it even be kind of strange.NEEDS TO BE .COM Silly Style Name Welcome

Local Original Art Finder (Web App)

Winner is Gogantic.com out of 43 names

Unique name for an online local art marketplace; 3-10 letters, ideally one word, .com only; easy way to search for local art, see more of what's out there, find out where it's showing, buy pieces online; target audience: urban young prof..

Original Name for Search Engine Comparison

120 names

I'm looking for an original name for a small search engine that will compare products for differents website. The name should be original and easy to type/remember...

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