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Anyone with good English language skills can post name ideas to Contests and earn Talent Points. There is no special application process. For every 1000 Points, we'll transfer $100 to your Paypal account.

Our top Contributors make over $300 monthly by working just a few hours every week.

To get started, simply create a free account, enter your Paypal email for receiving rewards and select an ongoing contest.


What do I get for my Talent Points?

  • Every 1000 Points: $100 transferred to your Paypal account in 10 business days
  • Win a Contest: Free NameStation Pro month

How are Talent Points calculated?

  • +100 Points: Name is accepted as winner
  • +10 Points: Name is voted up by contest holder. Up to 200 points are given in each contest for voting.
  • -1 Point: Name is voted down by contest holder. The negative Point is removed when you withdraw your entry.

Votes you cast for your own name ideas or contests are not counted. Gaming the system or using fake accounts to artificially raise the score will result in banning all involved accounts.

How to get more Points?

First and foremost, you need to read and understand the Contest requirements. Finding suitable name candidates may be take a while, but it gets much easier when you learn to take full advantage of our domain name generators and use the Pro features, which you'll get for free for recommending good names.

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Read our guidelines about earning more Talent Points in our blog.

My names have been upvoted, why didn't I receive Points?

In each contest, 200 Points are allocated for the voting and 100 for the winner. This means that about 20 first upvoted names get 10 points each. The ones that were upvoted afterwards receive no points, otherwise it would break the contest budget.

The Contest Holder may invite other people to vote, but only votes cast by the Contest Holder affect Points.

Each Contest has the Points tab that details the distribution of Points for that Contest.

How do I redeem my free Pro upgrade?

You'll get a notification message when you've won a Contest. The contests you've won are listed on your Dashboard, with the link to redeem your upgrade.

Where do I start?

Create an account, enter your Paypal email and start posting names to Public Contests.