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Payment Name Contests

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Login and Payments Service

Looking for a short name (5 in word length) that is easy to remember. It will be used for a login service (like Facebook/Google Login) and also store creditcards for easy payments...


Payment Platform

Hello. We need an easy to remember name for payment company. Offering safe, fast, reliable instant payments inside our system and outside to any other bank accounts. Target audience is mostly business, but also private persons.


Name for Bitcoin Payment Processing Company

Name is for our bitcoin company, which offers a suite of tools for merchants. Tools include a point of sale, shopping cart plugins, and accounting software. It's all web and app based, so words like 'app' could be used.


Payment Processing Company

What is this name for? Adult Payment Processing Company Purpose: The company will process payments for adult entertainment sites...


Payment Gateway

Online payment gateway service that uses the payer bank account instead of a credit card. Hopefully the name should be short, a .com and pronounceable in English, Spanish and Portuguese...


A Website for Deferred Payments Service for Digital/Virtual Goods

I would like to start a payment service which allows users to purchase digital goods and services instantly but pay some time later (a week or a month). The amount will be paid via the phonebill...



Smart payments company

Invoice Payments

What is the problem? Late payments are a nightmare for freelancers/contractors and SME’s...

Food Payment System With Social Sharing Functions

Should be a short and catchy name. Not a combination of words (e.g. DinnerPay). Would be great if it was a web 2.0-y name (You know the kind, those with weird fancy names) but still make sense.

Childrens Secure Online Payment Facility

A website where parents can log in to control how their children can use their accounts to spend money with participating online merchants. Children can log in to their accounts from the same website so it needs to be an all encompassin..