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Light Control App

We are developing a mobile phone app that will control connected smart lights such as Philips Hue. The app will offer a variety of interesting lighting scenes and emphasis will be made on personalisation of lighting design and innovation...


Network Access Control for Healthcare

Hi, We're looking for a short(ish) but meaningful name for a new product. The product will be used to control access to private networks...


Parental Control and Logging of Home Internet

In a day and age where it is nearly impossible to keep track of your kids on the net, This site will sell a service to enable parents to control their children's access to the internet.. it's all about putting the control back into ..


Wi-Fi Hotspot Auth. and Control Platform for Local Businesses and Public Places

Looking for a name for a software-as-a-service platform used for controlling access to Wi-Fi networks in public venues and for providing marketing oriented services to customers and visitors through Wi-Fi. The product will be used in an..


SaaS / Cloud App Monitoring and Control for Businesses

Our software gives businesses self-service centralized control over all the SaaS apps they use. Companies can manage users, accounts, and data across Google Apps, Salesforce, Github, Box, and dozens of other external apps...


Solar Energy/Electric Operation and Maintenance/Quality Control

**Quality control/operation and maintenance/free solar checkup/performance testing company** From SEO perspective, the domain is to be rolled out first, and then the business name will be catered to the domain. Criteria: Simpl..


Control Systems Engineering Company

A company name, preferably short (control solutions or something will be added anyhow) Target audience is engineers in the automotive field with emphasis on software. We would like a created (creative!) name which sounds technical.


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