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Customer Engagement Platform

Need a name for a unified communications service which helps businesses build and retain emotional connections with their brands. It houses a database of connected content and tracks your audience as they transform from strangers to ..

Online Fetish and Body Art Social Medial Platform

We are looking for a memorable, easy to spell/say brand name for our online social platform. The social platform is primarily aimed at people within the fetish/B D S M/alternative/bod art community and will provide a hub for people t..

Name for a Subscription Video Streaming Platform

Need a name for a streaming platform focused on informational videos including learning, training, upskilling. If you need to touch up on any particular skill, the platform will have something for you...

Video Collaboration Platform

Hello, we are launching a video conferencing platform where businesses can do video meetings between 2 to 100 people, and also charge entrance or subscription fee for joining the room, so as to cater for businesses like counselling, doc..

Web Platform for Internet Marketer.

We are building a platform with a sales pipeline model and we want our .com name to be named with at least PIPE in it. We wanted to build something like with some different angle...

Chatbot Platform

Hi, we are naming a new chatbot platform that will allow people to create simple chatbots in telegram/facebook messengers. There's no specific niche but we'd like to associate it's name with sales, business, success, results, conve..

A Video Streaming Platform Like Netflix

We are a video streaming platform development company, e.g. if you wanted to open a service like Netflix and have videos that you want to monetise, we would setup your Website + mobile / tv apps so that you can sell your videos either i..

Social Media Platform

We're an upcoming social media website connect real people to each other with general topics and users. We're looking for a short, fun, and catchy one-word name for our Social Media platform...

New Designer and Developer Collaboration Platform

We need a name for our new designer and developer collaboration platform which aim to be the first choice for designers to get their websites developed. The platform itself is a technical base for breaking down design files into specifi..

A Global Platform for Freelancers

We are looking for a name for a service that could be described as a „virtual country for freelancers or independent professionals“. This unique service would allow them to launch their business without registering with authorities ..

Platform for Dental Services

We are building a platform for dentist, dental technician, recruiters and suppliers to market themselves online. We want to digitalize the industry and offer our customer a platform where they can advertise their products easily and to ..

A Platform for Learners and Professionals to Find Tutors and Trainers

Looking to build a location-based mobile app for learners and professionals to find tutors, trainers and educators to help realise their academic, musical or fitness goals. The platform contains a range of academic subjects and courses..

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