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Hockey Player Assessment

It is a service that offers an assessment to sports parents (initially hockey, but possible to expand to other sports) that includes how to motivate their child, their learning style and their technical skill levels. Its about developi..


Soundcloud Player Company

Creating a website like soundcloud need a website name that is globally catchy.


Video Player

We need a product name for a cool stylish video player with uniques features like instant clipping of scenes, organize them in libraries and put them together in playlists in order to play the playlists. Clips and Playlists can be ta..


ASMR MP3 Player

We are going to create an mp3 player which we will sell as an ASMR Player but we need a cool name for it that relates to asmr and relaxing and help with sleep We will use this mp3 player to come with over 1000 asmr sounds https://s..


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