Portfolio Website Name Contests

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Portfolio Website Name Contests

Illustration Portfolio for Artists Looking for Commissions

The website has basic information describing the artist, their style, and feature dozens of their illustrations. You can hire them straight from the site...

Winner: IsArtistic.com

I Need a Domain Name Ideas for my Online Portfolio

Hi, i hope you can help, I need a domain name ideas for my portfolio website. I am a freelance web/graphic designer and digital artist...

Winner: Bepixeled.com

Beauty Portfolio

Looking for something catchy for a portfolio website for a hair stylist/ makeup artist. Can include the name "ashley" but doesn't have to...

Winner: StellarByAshley.com

Precious Metals Portfolio Tracker

Users will be able to track performance at a glance and generate reports, charts, graphs, metrics, analytics, etc. of their precious metals portfolio (silver, gold, platinum, etc)...

Winner: Metalfolio.com

Motion Graphics Portfolio Site

Looking for a cool/unique domain to use as my portfolio site for motion graphics. Most of my art is minimalist, geometric and clean...

Winner: PristinePicture.com

Portfolio / Studio Brand Name

Im searching a name for my portfolio / Brand, I like to have strong UI sites and i been working on games for a lot, i feel inspired by films like ironman or minority report in terms of design. i love those kind of UI work...

Winner: Illustraticon.com

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