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What is NameStation?

NameStation does smart domain search. Our intelligent name generators and crowdsourced contests help find available domain names faster.

How is it different?

NameStation has 27 domain search tools with intuitive user interface. Users can continuously elaborate on ideas, get alternative names and keyword suggestions.

Streamlined process helps collect and evaluate ideas, collaborate and select the best candidates. Everyone can hold private Name Contests for free.

Our domain research tools help analyze name candidates - e.g. listen to pronunciations, translate names, check availability with 383 Top-Level-Domains etc.

In addition to search tools, NameStation has a unique list of available domains with 737,586 entries, hand-picked by our users.

Why is this service useful?

There are over 215 million domain names currently registered. Finding a sensible available domain may require a lot of time and luck. With NameStation's domain suggestion tools you can find suitable candidates in minutes.

NameStation enables collaboration. Get feedback before choosing a name.

For businesses, holding a Name Contest is an excellent marketing opportunity with potentially thousands of contributors.

Which incentives do you have for suggesting name ideas?

What’s the business model?

NameStation has Pro subscription plans that enable advanced domain search tools and workflow improvements.

How many employees does NameStation have?

The founder and CEO of NameStation is Tauno Novek who is the only full-time employee. We also have several brilliant designers and developers working on NameStation part-time or on contract basis.

Whom can I contact for more information?

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