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Brandable Company Name for Project Services and Construction

Need a professional clever name that's easy to spell. Shorter is strongly preferred...


Village Project

Tech start up aiming to help parents come together to build that elusive village it takes to raise a child. Platform will be for community networking to connect families to other families for social purposes (playdates, rideshares, bloc..


Name for a New Company Specializing in Agile Project Management Software

My new company will be much like the Company, specifically their JIRA software. Although my primary software will be an Agile Project Management Software, I don't want a name that will tie me to any single ..


Project Management Consulting Business

I need a name for an LLC I am setting up since I will be a 1099 consultant soon. It's important to me to do something professional and that says a lot about what I can deliver...


Commerce Project

Group of services: inventory management systems for small business and merchants; delivery of goods for merchants.


Brand Name for Project/Task Management Web App.

Hi, Im creating a web app, that is related to project management, tasking etc. Pls help me find a short and memorable/easy brand name Pls make sure it doesn't have the word, "project" "task" "manage" in it.....


Project/Task Management Software

A project management software that can track duration of tasks, performance of project laborers, and costs.


Project Name for a Resturant Technology Service (Apps)

In today's world you need technology to be able to grow your business and retain your customers, we will be the technical team, the Virtual Chief Technology Officer behind a restaurant owner guiding them and providing services that help ..


Project Management Tool Site

Need a business name for a project management tool, it must be short, it must be a .com domain please try to find short name please


Name of an Asset and Investment Project Management Company

It should be an unique, easily pronounced and not too long (two words at maximum) name. In short about the activities of the Company: - Investment project management; - Asset management; - Private equity investment and capital inc..


Brandable Name for Project Bid Site

I am looking for a short brandable name for a site that is similar for taskrabbit for contractors and professional service providers. people post projects, companies bid on projects...


Project Portfolio Reporting and Process Re-Engering

Provide a company name in one to two words for a LLC in California. The services provided are: Develop industry standard schedules Project management processes Portfolio at a glance view


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