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Name for Event Promotion Site/Product

We want to add a event promotion tool for promoters and professionals to our concert listing site, There should be a .com domain available for it.


A Name for a Location-Based Perzonlized Real-Time Targeted Promotion Application

We are searching for a name for a location based application that delivers personalized coupons in real-time based on a users' profile. Companies can target their promotions and coupons based on the location of their stores, the visitor..


Name for Artist Promotion Platform

Go ahead show me what you've got. :)


Marketing & Promotion Business for Luxury Retailers & Resorts in the Caribbean

We are a marketing & promotions company that provides services to the luxury & lifestyle industry in the Caribbean. We represent quality resorts & merchants of luxury goods such as diamonds, gemstones and fine watches...


Internet Marketing and Promotion

Name sums it up. Web design, search marketing, promotion, creation of social media exposure base.


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