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Online Plant Seeds Marketplace Like Ebay/Etsy

Online marketplace (eBay, Etsy) for selling plant seeds. The core will be for customers or business to sell their plant seeds on the marketplace ( just like selling a product on eBay), and later on, we might be looking at expanding to ..


Vegan/ Plant Based Business

Vegan/Plant based Vlog/ Clothing Line that will to raise awareness on the benefits of plant based lifestyles such as herbs, foods, advice on healthy eating and living. Holistic health is the goal and promotion...


Whole Food Plant-Based Blog

Blog focused on the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet that's oil free. Need a name that's clever and brandable. Shorter is better.


Happy Healthy Plant Based Mind

I am opening a practice as an orthomolecular therapist and a health advisor.I am also an aerobic instructor so people might expect advice in the field of sport and fitness.I am a plant based nutritionist, meaning my lifestyle advice will..


Plant Based Business

Online Business specializing in the advocacy/awareness and teachings of plant based lifestyle and vegan health. Targeting nationwide customers...


Living Plant Artwork Website

I need a company name to describe this product (


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