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Short Easy to Remember Name for Yelp/Tripadvisor Similar Site

Short and easy to remember name for a website similar to or tripadvisor, website will hold listing of various businesses like bars restaurants hotels clubs etc with user reviews/comments/pictures ..


Catchy and Easy to Remember Name for a Photosharing App

I'm looking for a catchy name for a new photo sharing app (social media) concept. I'd like a name that is easy to say I will post this picture on .....


Unique Easy to Remember Name for Encyclopedia

Hey! We are looking to start our own online encyclopedia similar to the wikipedia....


Sounds Good Easy to Remember

I need a 4-8 character name that sounds good, easy to remember. It need not be a word anywhere...


Remember It

Reminder - commercial reminder program for folks who want one place for all reminders. For busy folks that sync to all their devices...


Whimsical Short (4-8 Char + .Com) Catchy Upbeat and Easy to Say/Remember/Type

A short, catchy name that is fun to say is the only real criteria. Google is a good example since it is short, is a Dr...


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