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Robotics Coding Learning for K-12

Teaching elementary, Middle and High school kids with Computer programming and Robotics, Preparing them for the future college and career. Would love a futuristic name, and that a kid can use as a Noun / Verb in a sentence about where d..

Engineering Product Development Consultancy in Robotics & Automation

Our clients can have our team fully manage and execute their hardware product development, including conceptualization, design, development, prototyping, and manufacturing. We specialize working with startup founders and young companie..

Name for a Surgical Robotics Company

A company that builds a cooperatively controlled robot (robot and surgeon both hold the surgical instrument) to aid the surgeon in microsurgical applications. It provides precision and stability and is intuitive to use...

AI and Robotics Startup

Futuristic tech company having experience in artificial intelligence and robotics. Develops thinking machines and software...

Robotics Academy for Kids & E-Commerce Site

A school that teaches kids from age 10 to 18 how to build robots, inspiring them to learn about science, technology, electronics and maths. The e-commerce site will sell exciting robotic products - the name has to be fun and cool

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