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Lead Generation SaaS Like Anyleads.Com

Hi Looking for a great .com Domain name for a suite of lead gen tools, like I like short and catchy names. It should include the word "lead" somewhere and the .com must be available...

SaaS Startup for the Restaurant Industry

Looking for a brand name/domain name for a new startup focused on the restaurant industry and will be providing a SaaS to restaurant owners. Initially our end-user will be the restaurant owners but eventually restaurant customers may u..

Brand Name for a SaaS Software Company

We would need a brand name for nordic (software as a service) SaaS web/mobile application development company. We develop SaaS software for private customers and we will offer some SaaS services to general public as well on our website...

Company Name for Modern SaaS (Software) Products

We are looking for a brand-able and catchy name for a software company which creates SaaS product. Names that we like are: - Atlassian, - Amazon, - Google - HubSpot - SalesForce - FreshWorks ...yeah yeah...we know ;) ..

Headless Ecommerce SaaS

Hello, we will found a headless e-commerce software which is very similar to We also want a name that is short and memorable and does not need to be associated with headless or e-commerce.

SaaS Email Automation

Automatically sent emails to saas customers based on stripe actions, Like welcome, card failed etc. A onboarding and retention customer relation mail automation app

Convert SaaS

We're looking to name a SaaS platform that helps customers manage leads, segment, automate actions and truly automate their marketing, tracking everything and more.

Advertising / SAAS Software - Artificial Intelligence

We developed software based on Ai technologie that creates & optimizes digital ads for business owners & marketers. We'd like to brand our software/product as a personal agent to our customers...

SaaS CMS Application

I've created a Saas (software as a service) CMS application but can't find a fancy name. About the CMS: I'ts an all-in-one concept...

B2B SaaS Company

We need a new brand for our B2B SaaS company. Needs to be .com and have nothing to do with the product, so I'm leaving out what we do ;)...

Workflow Management SAAS Applicaion

We are developing an application to help small businesses manage workflows/processes. For example they might have long lead time parts that require weeks to manufacture...

Brand Name for SaaS Application

Name is for a retail point of sale application. We are after a 4 to 6 letter domain name...

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