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Scientific Name Contests

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Scientific Newspaper

I NEED MORE CREATIVE NAMES - I’m searching the perfect name for a online scientific newspaper regarding all kinds off science (medicine, mind, biology, chemistry etc.). I would like a simple but eye chatting name of a maximum of 8 letters...


Technology Development and Scientific Reaseach Website

A innovative technology development and scientific research company website. Want a name that is really catchy like Techcrunch, Buzzfeed, Groupon around that quality...


Scientific Company Name

We are looking for a company name with an available URL, it is for a serious company, imagine answering the phone and saying the word, Hi, This is X from ....? We are modernizing the world of analytical chemistry...


Scientific Articles Browser

New scientific articles brower allowing users to rate articles, to comment them and to get them in open access. Designed in a first time for researchers in medicine, biology and health first, it will be available in a second time for ..

Micro Services Software Company Brand Name With Scientific Feel to It.

Software Company focused on cloud microservices for startups

Scientific Design Layout Consulting

Pharma research institute medical