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Healthy Living Web and Smartphone App Platform

We're Ph.D. level scientists targeting health conscious individuals and individuals suffering from diseases known to be associated with specific microbiota compositions via a website and app...

Smartphone Tablets and Computer Accessories

The name is for a company that sells accessories for electronics like Tablets, computers and Smartphones. Accessories range from power banks to flash drives...

A Mobile App that Recognizes Foods from Smartphone Photos

Industry: Mobile food nutrition apps Company: Our company is a mobile app that recognizes foods from the smartphone photos you take and provides you nutritional info and advice on what to eat based on customized health goals and prefe..

A Community of Electronics Videogames Hi-Tech Hacking&Making Smartphone

We will start a community that allow users to talk about videogame console, computer, Arduino-raspberryPI-makers in general, elecronics and smartphone enhance/modding. I'll extend arguments to other if he community grow, so please don'..

Brand Names for Smartphone & Tablet Accessories Business

Hi everyone, We’re holding a name content to generate some ideas for a brand name for an up coming brand for a smartphone & tablet accessories business. We are looking for the Brand Name to be: - **Maximum of 4 to 5 letters*..

Paying Merchants With Your Smartphone

We've got a new payments technology that allows customers to pay merchants via an NFC swipe and NFC smartphone. It's different to paypass and paywave, and although it's for payments, we'd rather stick away from the english word 'pay' - ..

Smartphone Charging Stations in Cafés

We need a name for wireless smartphone charging stations which are offered in cafés. The name should be short and succinct, so the consumer can easily "order" the product at the cashier or waiter ("could I have a ......., please?..

Smartphone Brand Name

We need a name for smartphone company to be launched in India. The name has to be catch, easy to pronounce and have a high recall value...

Smartphone Brand Name

We need a name for smartphone company to be launched in India. We plan to launch a high end Android smartphone at a very competitive price...

Smartphone and Tablet Device Accessories Business

I am looking for a name for a new internet based retailer of accessories for Smartphone’s and other Media Devices. Name should reflect our mission to specialize in providing Quality, Innovative and stylish products.

Smartphone Store

I'm looking for a clever name for a site where you can buy and sell used smartphones. It doesn't have to explicitly convey that I sell smartphones but more about playing on related words...

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