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Collaborative Work Management Software

Problem: Every company needs tools for intracompany collaboration, information sharing and keeping operational information. Companies’ backoffice runs the same pattern...

Spanish Software Development Company

European company based in Spain Software Development, Digitalization, dual technology, blockchain application and machine learning

Software Review Website - Looking for Creative and Brandable Name!

We are currently working on a new website. It's a software comparison website where we give an overview of all the other software comparison websites, so we basically 'compare the comparison websites'...

Short Name for a Software

I am looking for a short and catchy name for food/restaurant management software. The name should be short (5/6 characters) , No hyphens, numbers and only .com.

Name for a Nordic Software Company

A nordic software company developing web and mobile applications for private customers and offering some cloud hosting solutions to general public as well. One might consider us a value-added reseller (VAR)...

Brand Name for a SaaS Software Company

We would need a brand name for nordic (software as a service) SaaS web/mobile application development company. We develop SaaS software for private customers and we will offer some SaaS services to general public as well on our website...

Webstore / Ecommerce Software

I need a good catchy modern name for my webshop software. Webstores build with my software are very complete with advanced options and focuses primarily on the business 2 business market...

Brand-Able Domain for Software Deals Marketplace

Looking for a good and memorable name for our upcoming software/app deals platform where we will launch the new and upcoming products in the industry at special discounts. Names that we like: 1...

Company Name for Modern SaaS (Software) Products

We are looking for a brand-able and catchy name for a software company which creates SaaS product. Names that we like are: - Atlassian, - Amazon, - Google - HubSpot - SalesForce - FreshWorks ...yeah yeah...we know ;) ..

Software Startup

I'm looking for a unique but easy to pronounce, easy to spell domain. Targeting professionals and small businesses...

Curricula Vitae Management Software Solution

Having as objective to realize a software solution for the curricula vitae management, this product will be a true passport for the employment during the encoding of all information on a search for vacancies website or business sites. ..

Digital Web Software Electronic Development Technology Smart

In the goal of creating a new business, I am looking for a strong name and an internet domain name would be available. This company will work mainly on the European market...

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