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Name for Unique Office Space Company Wirh Coworking Elements

Need name for a startup Office Space and Co-working hub, Must be unique made-up word like "Regus" OR a combination of 2 words max like "ShareDesk"

Non-Profit Film & Digital Media Coworking Space

Help us find a name for a new Non-profit Digital Media Coworking Space on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. The space will have amenities suitable to filmmaking such as a green screen, classroom, rentable film equipment, a small sc..

Space Rental for Parties and Events

We're building a website that helps people find spaces for parties and events. Think Open Table for parties...

Outer Space Commercialization Conference

The name needs to be short and suggestive of concepts by using fragments of other relevant terms. For example, a material used on spacecraft that has the appearance solidified smoke is called aerogel Please avoid the characters x and..

Funky New Office Space in The Near Southside Fort Worth TX

We are opening 13,000 square feet of private office, co working, event space in The Near Southside of Fort Worth Texas. We are looking for a new name for the space and building which has a Hippy vibe but a upper cla..

Website in the Home Space

Looking for a domain name for a website that covers home cleaning, home efficiency, and home appliances. The domain name must start with "home" and be only two words in total...

Mental Organizer of Your Body Physically and Your Daily Space.

Merging the feeling of being physically fit and having your living space organized within your everyday living. The combination of eating right, exercising, and keep your life organized(office, kitchen, closet) will give you mental peace...

Looking for Domain Name for Startup in Video Production Space

Our audience is primarily businesses and other start ups that want a place to shop for video production. You can think of our platform as "elance for entertainment"...

Space News Blog and Video Site

A news, blog, and viral video and site for space/outer space enthusiasts.

Marketplace for Short Term Retail Space (Airbnb for Retail Space)

Community marketplace for temporary retail space; Short term store leases; Rent out vacant space; Pop-up shops; Space for pop-up shops; Rent a storefront from one day to one year.

Design Shared Office Space

We are an interior design company with a beautiful design office in Geneva that we will start renting a few days a week. Domian can be .com or .ch...

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