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Complete Branding Business Startup

I'm taking free business courses at a local college (in St. Louis Missouri USA)...

SaaS Startup for the Restaurant Industry

Looking for a brand name/domain name for a new startup focused on the restaurant industry and will be providing a SaaS to restaurant owners. Initially our end-user will be the restaurant owners but eventually restaurant customers may u..

Memorial Websites Startup

This is for a new business that builds memorial websites honoring loved ones who have passed. We are looking for a name that is short, and easy to pronounce...

A Medical Marijuana Educational Startup

We need a positive flowing name that doesn't overtly call to mind weed or marijuana. This company provides medical information to end users and professionals.

Software Startup

I'm looking for a unique but easy to pronounce, easy to spell domain. Targeting professionals and small businesses...

Startup Webhosting Company

A startup webhosting company that will offer shared, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, VPS servers and Cloud servers, domain name registrations, SSL certificates etc. is in need of a name...

Marketing Consultant Startup

We're looking for a name to start a marketing consulting startup for small and medium-sized companies. The goal is to get consulting projects...

Robo-Advice Startup

The business will offer Robo financial advice to build clients wealth and meet their financial goals, as well as offering mortgage advisory service. The name ideally would reflect that we offer personalised, relevant, easy, straight a..

Stash + Website Dev Startup

Last name is very long so I go by Stash as a nickname. Looking to combine this into a domain name...

Modern Web Hosting Startup

We need a name for our web hosting startup. Our goal is to provide small businesses with scalable, easy to manage hosting solutions that require minimal technical expertise...

Company Matching Startup

We build a platform which helps companies to find their right service-provider. For example, if you want to make a website you can find a web agency through our tool...

Interesting Name for Elearning Startup

We are a startup e-learning company, where we design and create training / learning content and make it available for people on an online platform. Our expertise lies in creating content in the areas of banking, finance and insurance...

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