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Neurological Support and Info Forum

After becoming a full time caretaker for my parents, who were both diagnosed with severe neurological disorders (Dementia and Parkinson's), I would have appreciated to be a member of a relevant informative support forum. I was forced to..

Uk Police Recruitment Coaching Mentoring & Support

Website will pull together all the guidance and resources required to successfully apply to be a UK police officer, (application form, situational judgement tests, etc etc...) providing content and guidance from officers who have been th..

Fertility Support Specialist

I will be a fertility support specialist, helping couples and women understand their own personal fertility and educate and give them tools with the goal to get pregnant and have baby.

Leukemia Support Site

I am requesting your assistance to name a new site that will provide information support to people diagnosed with leukemia. I would like the name to reflect hope for example: (which is not available...

Service Uses Caller ID to Text Customer Support Callers App Download and Support Information to Lower Call Center Volume

Looking for shorter app name. Companies connect app to phone tree interface to text callers immediately when they call customer support with app download and support links in case user can solve issue without communicating with live cal..

Business Development Support for Small Companies

Targeting small to medium businesses - mostly local - which is Cambridge UK Need a professional clever name that's easy to spell. Shorter is preferable Its around look at the business as a whole and their approach as well tradit..

Company and Software Designed to Support Flexible Workers

***I'm preferring the made up words and names that feel positive/aspirational. I need a name for our new company which is focused on the following: Flexible work...

Wordpress Support Service

We want to build a Wordpress Maintenance Service which first operates in Europe (at first in Germany). We deliver Wordpress Services for small companies and also large agencies or businesses which don't have technical knowledge in Wordp..

Name Our Online '24/7 Computer Support Service'

Computer Support Services for all PC/Mac users. Offering 24/7 help desk support for computer problems & resolution...

Tech Support

I run a computer repair business that repairs PC. Laptops etc...

IT Support - Outsourced

I am looking to start a business that will offer remote computer and server support to customers around the world. Although mostly UK and US customers...

Startup Business Providing Facility Management Dispatching Service for Retail Stores 24/7 & Construction Project Support

Since my dad was an expert craftsman I’d like to honor him by using his middle name Sterling either at the beginning or ending of the name. Sterling FX [Effects] comes to mind then I’m stuck on how to complete the name to reflect th..

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