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A Place to Display and Share Survey Results of Citizens' Opinions Regarding Key Governmental Policies

A brandable domain name for a website that will share the results from surveys that indicate what citizens what from their elected governments, across multiple countries. This website is intended to encourage anyone concerned about t..

Survey / Reward Website

I would like something similar to these names: InstaGC,,,, Earning Station,

Survey For Money Website (Bits Gems Points)

Commonly called GPT websites, users complete quick surveys to earn some points which is later redeemed for gift cards or prizes. I really like the word "bits" (this would be the name of the points/currency within the system)...

Online Survey Software

I am developing an online survey creation software (similar to SurveyMonkey, but much better) and looking for an excellent domain name. The name has to be: * Short (2 words maximum) * Easy to remember * Preferably include the word ..

Open Source Risk Analysis Survey Tool

We are about to launch an open source software tool to help with surveys and data collection for risk assessments. We originally started branding as RiskPro but obvious .com domains are taken...

Marketing Events Survey Research Company Name

Would need a short company name with scope of work relating to Marketing events, Survey, Marketing research, promotions. Name should have a global feel and should be short Should have .com and .ae domain names

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