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Product Name for New Living Green Wall System

We have designed a new living wall system that we are going to start selling online. We need a name for this product. Living Walls can also be called Green Walls, Plant Walls, Vertical Gardens, etc. - simple, easy, modular

Online School System

A name to describe a complete online school system. Access to students, teachers, parents, etc. The name should be short, and simple. Something that can be easily designed into a logo. Also easily remembered.

Name for a New Software System

We are looking for a new name that will be used for our new CRM/ERP software system. The online software helps companies and teams to organize and work together...

System Modelling and Data Analytics Company

We are looking for a name for a company that will provide consulting and software services for data modelling and analytics. Of course, our achitecture will be cloud-based and utilize big data from various sources, but the main focus wi..

Appointment Booking System

It is a cloud based appointment booking system for doctors. so say you want to book an appointment with a doctor, you will go to the site and login...

Name for a New Operating System for Human Organizations

I am building a new operating system to coordinate work and communications better inside organizations. It is something that is the heart of the organization...

Name for a Phone System

Phone System for small to medium businesses, Very flexible and built on the latest technologies

Virtual Phone System

We have built an affordable virtual phone system system hosted in our cloud. It's aimed at small/medium businesses and provides them with an end to end enterprise phone system at low cost...

School Management System

An online web app for schools to manage their school more efficiently. It includes login for students, staff, parents, teachers...

Procurement System for Purchasing

We desire a catchy easy to understand and short domain that conveys the simple meaning behind our procurement product: We help to quickly automate procurement across multiple vendors. So something like procurio, procurify, autobuy..

Conveyor System Integration Company

Turnkey conveyor/material handling system design and integration contracting business focused on providing systems for UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, Walmart, etc

Water Filter System

Something simple, memorable, catchy. Something relating to hydration, having more energy, Health, wellness, vitality...

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