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Ticket Engine Name Contests

Transportation Ticketing Platform

This name is for a ticketing platform for various forms of ground transportation. We're aggregating schedules and information so users can easily purchase tickets to anywhere from a variety of transportation companies quickly and easily...

Winner: Tixora.com

Domain for Fans to Buy and Sell Event Tickets Outside of Stadiums/Arenas Etc.

Looking for a domain that screams to the user that this site is all about helping fans at sporting events and concerts buy and sell their extra tickets right outside the stadium. Domain must meet 1 of 2 criteria, or both...

Winner: Ticzy.com

Online Flight Ticket Booking

Hi Everyone, A new web based company will be founded for online flight ticket bookings. The website will serve B2B partner companies and in the near future B2C...

Winner: Airays.com

Opentable + Ticketmaster for Activities

We are a startup that has created a unique online platform for booking activities (think dinner cruise or city bus tour). We need help coming up with a domain name and a company name that will let our customers instantly know what we d..

Winner: Bookeezo.com

Ticket Broker Website

Looking for a new domain name for a website selling event tickets to sports, concerts, Broadway, comedy and more. Main players in the industry are ticketmaster, stubhub, ticketliquidator, ticketnetwork, etc.

Winner: Fanaticket.com

Football Tickets

We are looking to sell online football tickets.

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