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Real Time Ecommerce Platform

Realtime, fast ecommerce platform The name needs to be short and catchy


Clinical Data Analytics Real Time Data

Health technology firm with gathering data and displaying real time data analytics to the customers.


Mobile Time Management App

The app is quite simple. It is a time manager - all it keeps track of is how much money you have spent over a specific period...


Fun and Quirky Name for First Time Home Buyers Blog

We are looking to create an awesome online guide to buying or selling your first home! We intend to create a brand around the winning domain and are looking for fun/quirky ideas and wordplay that evoke the subject content of the site...


Online Employee Schedule Time Clock Communication and a Little HR Tool

Business to Business website Would prefer generic descriptive name that may allow us to add functionality Site helps employees as much as business owners (sends email/text for schedule/appt reminders)


Time Tracking Mobile Application

Mobile time tracking targeted at independent professionals using time based billing.


A Name for a Location-Based Perzonlized Real-Time Targeted Promotion Application

We are searching for a name for a location based application that delivers personalized coupons in real-time based on a users' profile. Companies can target their promotions and coupons based on the location of their stores, the visitor..

Blog for First Time Moms

A blog for first time moms with a range of posts on the most common things a first time mom needs to know. A basic version of the site has been launched at however we'd like to rename the blog to something shorte..

Real Time Deals Pop Up Mobile Application

Purpose: The application will provide the user information of the service providers around him based on GPS and Image recognition on Real-Time basis. Target Audience: Any one looking for a good deal on real time basis (based on the l..

Job Website For Part Time Jobs

We want help thinking of a name for a new 'part-time' job website. The website will be used to promote jobs with part time hours, flexible hours and temporary jobs...