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Binary Option Trading Tools

The site will offer tools, articles, and a community for users of the North American Derivatives Exchange (NADEX) to enhance their day to day trading. NADEX offers traders a chance to invest in binary options and bull spreads...

Website Specialising in Education Tools for Home Use

I am looking for a name for a website that specializes in tools to help children learn new topics and revise and commit to memory information that they have already been introduced to. The target audience can be split into two...

Online Tools for Market Researches (Research Blogs Chatrooms Diaries Forums)

The site we are planning to start will offer several tools for market researcher - online focus groups, research blogs, forums, research diaries, videochat (all used in qualitative research). Researchers invite their respondents in..

Training Tools and Systems for Tech-Starved Startups

We serve entrepreneurs that are in the early phases of their business development and have poor or moderate technical skills. They have some customers and an inconsistent or stagnant cash flow...


Groovy Name for Consulting Company which Is Using Lean Tools to Improve

Hello dear sir or madam, I am starting a company with consulting services. I would be using lean tools in improvement...

An Ecommerce Website for India for Selling Hardware Tools

Selling hardware products like screws , drills , kits , nails , etc. On an ecommerce website . Examples of similar sites

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