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Referral Metics Tracking

Tech business specialising in finding the real return on investment value for different referral source, paid ads, social etc. We marry UTM params with customers life time value and churn data to give saas businesses a real picture of i..

Phone Call Tracking Business

We're launching a new business that helps businesses to track and record their phone calls, and also attribute the calls to visitors and marketing sources. Looking for a business name with available .com domain One and two-words o..

Name for New Medical Equipment and Supply Tracking Company

New company starting selling technology solutions to hospitals to track inventories and equipment. This is primarily a tech company that will provide insights on how to improve operational efficiency through inventory tracing/tracking.

School Bus Tracking Application

This name is for a new business that focuses on allowing parents of young children to track school buses. The application displays estimated drop-off and pick-up times, as well as notifications for service delays, drop off confirmations..

Game Review and Progress Tracking Platform

A platform for social game reviews and game recommendation..

New Media Tracking Company

We measure viral media content around the globe, and make content trends available in a single dashboard.

Time Tracking Mobile Application

Mobile time tracking targeted at independent professionals using time based billing.

Web App for Mobile Phone Usage Tracking (Minutes and Texts).

Target audience is individuals, businesses, and families that have multiple mobile phones with different carriers that they want to track. App will email, and text notifications to the user about their usage (eg...

Quantified Self Site Combines Data from Various Life Tracking Apps and Graphs it

The purpose is to help people identify and tweak their behaviors to optimize their lives.

Website for Parcel Tracking

I need a name for a worldwide parcel tracking. We're gonna track all couriers, posts etc. The name must be easy to remember and unique.

Name a New Goal Habit Tracking Productivity App

Joining an accountability social network that helps you win at your goals, dreams and to-do lists. Add your daily or weekly to-do's, plus habits that you want to form - and link them to your short/medium/long term goals and dreams...

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