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    Need Name for Confectionery / Bakery / Patisserie

    cookies, cakes, macaroons, breads, eclers, cupcakes, etc. small shop with 4 tables. cofee , tee. juices. to take away or taste on the table. Extra good quality, expensive. target audience - from 25-40 years old.

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    New Bakery Specialized in Customized Cakes in DUBAI for All O..

    A bakery opens in a community center serving community residents who are mostly families, the bakery is mainly a cake shop offers hand made high quality customized cakes for all occasions beside that it offers other goods like cupcakes, cookies, croiss..

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    Name for a Small Bakery Cafe, No Bread. But Coffee

    our logo is sparrow doodles. name for a small bakery 750sq.f., no bread but there is also coffee and ice cream. must be a positive name. this is thw 4th bakery thay will try to run a business at the same spot. the other 3 bakeries are closed. this hav..

    • 315 names
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    Homebased Bakery Name Needed

    i need help creating a name for a home-based bakery. I am really into fashion and dandyism especially. I love music and I would consider myself eclectic and unique. I also want it to be known that this is a small business and mostly hobby based so noth..

    • 521 names
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    Need a Name for a Western Style Bakery Shop in Indonesia that..

    I'm looking for a business name for my new bakery. The bakery will sell homemade and pastry desserts. Here are the specific requirements on the name: 1. Can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 words. Preferably 1 word. If more than one word, the second word can be: pas..

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    Name for Bakery

    We are a fun cake bakery, known in our area for creating unique cakes that will be the talk of any event. We are looking for a name as unique as we are that's not used by any other bakery - yes, it's a tough challenge! We like plays on words and word..

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    • 47 votes

    BRAND Name for a Bitcoin Debit Card and ATM Service Located i..

    Looking for a brand name for a bitcoin debit card and ATM service located in Quebec Canada. Does not necessarily have to have the wording "bitcoin", "bit" or "coin" in the name. It can be a short and catchy BRAND name like: Kitco, Xapo, DropBox,..

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    Name for a Consulting / Training & Awareness Company

    1, Serious Games for Corporates for subjects like project management, cyber security etc. 2. Training & Awareness 3. Game Based Business Simulations 4. Learning BY Doing 5. Innovative training solutions 6. Interactive workshops 7. Experience, i..

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    Start-Up Incubator

    I'm looking for cool names for Start-up incubator, related to technology and innovation. Maximum - 3 words, please. Limit is 10 entries

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