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    Brand Development Company Needs a Name

    I'm creating a brand development and creative strategy company. Would love a one word name. My clients will vary...small businesses, state/local/govt clients, churches, hospitals. Our unique approach allows us to learn more about our clients and creat..

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    Shoe Brand for Girls 8 Years Old to Teenagers

    We are looking for a brand name for a new shoe brand. These shoes are designed for young girls aged 8 year old to teenagers. The name needs something that will appeal to both parents and teenagers. Things I like: The number Five and or Three, idio..

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    Smart Name for VIRTUAL REALITY Apps/Games Developing Startup!!

    Startup developing high quality mobile VIRTUAL REALITY apps and games (in the near future, we will be maybe developing not for MOBILE only) with experimental and innovative approach (should be kind of crazy, artistic approach too...) Because our backgr..

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    Healthy(Dairy,Gluten,Sugar Free)Snacks,Deserts and Cakes

    Name for Healthy Raw Vegan Meals,primarily deserts,cakes,breakfasts,for Orders and Catering

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    Property Investment Company

    Company selling Property (Real Estate) Investment products onto Investors. Mainly selling UK products and maybe Globally in the future. Strong Brand name with presence required. .com and domains required. Must look and sound cool. Linked t..

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    Cowhides and Leather Company Needs a Name!

    We are a established company selling only the top quality cowhide rugs and leather products. - Luxury / high end products - Want a name that feels high end / established - Something that makes it feel trustworthy - Easy to remember and to spell ..

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    Staffing Company Name

    Staffing and Recruiting company that brings good people and good jobs together. We do Permanent Placement, Contract to Hire and Contract staffing across multiple skill sets, sales, marketing, engineering, scientific etc. Would prefer not to have staf..

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    Online Tax Preparation Site

    Easy to pronounce, easy to remember, sticky, professional, expressing strength and mastery.

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    Name for a Gaming and Geek Website

    Hi! I'm looking for a short (preferably under 8 characters) name for a site/blog about gaming, geek stuff, collectibles etc. I would prefer something general and not something which "brands" the site to specific content (so not something with "geek"..

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    I.T. Company Starting With Letter R

    IT company needs a generic name that sounds futuristic, sharp & cool, and at the same time maintains maturity required from a big company. Easily spelled & shorter names will be preferred, although not an requirement. New words can be invented. .com..

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    Marketing Company

    Update: Im really looking for a relevant domain with the word reach in it. Anything creative or catchy. Im looking for a name that describes what I do, (SEO, social, content, ads, websites). I want something that sounds like a major mainstream ..

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    Name for a Business Incubator

    To support entrepreneurs and startups to develop sustainable projects of Social Economy

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    Earnest it Company in the Mountains Service Remote Communities

    IT consulting firm specializing in serving hospitals, resorts, and other organizations in remote mountain communities. Need a professional clever name that's easy to spell. Shorter is preferable and would like it to be somewhat descriptive.

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    It Security Consulting

    IT Security consulting firm (human size ~10 people) specializing in business intelligence. Will also have more general offerings - e.g.Integration of international security solutions. Targeting small to large businesses Preferred names would be shor..

    • 71 names
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    • 50 votes

    Bed and Breakfast

    1940s red brick cottage house with white picket fences, cottage garden with daisies and roses. Central location to shops, cafe and bars, 5 min walk to river and beautiful parks, wanting a clever catchy name. Name of street is reserve, river is t..

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    Name for a New Company Selling Flavors

    We are looking for a name to our company. We develop, manufacture and sell flavorings (flavors / aromas). The company name shall be in English and sound international.

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    Fashion Clothing Brand

    I am trying to form a fashion clothing boutique online and a retail shop. I want the name to either include one of the following or maybe not: boutique fashion shop etc....

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    The Place for Custom Goods and Near Located Services

    I am looking for a name for a website (like a marketplace) where people will be able to order some custom/on-demand goods and talk with their producers/manufucturers. Those things could be something like handmade things, but not only, 3D-printed on..

    • 163 names
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    Indoor Playground

    For kids under 12 years old. Slides, tunnels, basketball, infant area, toddler area couches where parents can relax healthy snacks eating area bounce houses host parties membership available unique safe fun stay at home mom club home school..

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    Computer Vision Company

    Computer vision company selling products (software) and potentially services. Very technology oriented. Name should be good to remember for b2c customers, but also for licensing partners that buy our technology. Our first product is catcheye (catch-eye..

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    For Ecommerce or Amazon Business

    I am looking for a name not too long (ideal for Twitter name) and the business is about: - I would be selling Kitchen Stuff - Home Decorating - Household Products - Mainly Import-Export Business targeting households and small businesses I woul..

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    Real Estate Agency Name

    We are in the real estate business. We represent buyers, sellers and investors of residential and commercial real estate. We aspire become like a prestigious lawfirm or CPA firm but in real estate. We would have the image of a professional firm. We ..

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    Village Project

    Tech start up aiming to help parents come together to build that elusive village it takes to raise a child. Platform will be for community networking to connect families to other families for social purposes (playdates, rideshares, block parties, etc) ..

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    Require an Orange Juice Brand Name

    Australian Oranges manufactured in Griffith NSW and bottled for export into China and other global markets.

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    Starting Errand Running Service

    I would like to have a business name Beezbee errand service

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    Beach Homes Rental Site

    want to name a new beach vacation rental site (for multiple vacation home owners). the homes are in delaware, in the towns of bethany beach, fenwick island, ocean city, south bethany.

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    Online Pharmacy

    Online pharmacy specializing in health and beauty products. Targeting nationwide shoppers of all ages who might otherwise shop at the major pharmacy retailers (CVS, Walgreens, etc). Fast shipping and spectacular customer service are our selling points...

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