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Mobile Bandwidth Monitoring Service - 236 names

We have an open source project focused on ranking the quality of internet providers in the country by time and location. We are based in Rwanda where the internet quality of service varies wildly throughout the day...

Domain Name for a Music Band - 35 names

I need a domain name for a music band playing heavy epic rock music. Absolutely any ideas would be appreciated...

Band Resource Site (Merch Directory of Services Contest for Cash Prizes) - 87 names

Site that has resources, poster generation tools, merch, gallery, and contest with cash prize. Note can be a music word that doesn't say band or growth in it but evokes music or bands in some way. Needs to be fun and creative.

Band Poster Design Site - 43 names

This needs to be able to appeal to people in all types of bands from country to metal, indie to get the picture. The name should be something memorable, easy to spell and easy to say...

Name Ideas for Broadband/Online Backup Company - 55 names

Hi i need name ideas for a broadband and online backup company. The name can be two words long and ideally will describe the product but I would like it to be memorable something that rolls of the tounge easily.

Band Name - 74 names

I am representing a singer/songwriter who is currently going by Bobby Lee. He is a brilliant songwriter; the only people I know to compare him to are Curt Cobain and Townes Van Zandt...

Name Our Classic Rock/Hard Rock Band! - 94 names

This must be a first here! We are a classic rock/hard rock band working on 70s/80s/90s covers as well as on our own material...

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