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    Online Only Community Bank

    We are starting a fully electronic, retail and small business bank, initially focused on various communities in India. There is a rich history of various ethnic communities specializing in certain industries in India and members actively help finance e..

    • 157 names
    • 1 keyword
    • 39 votes

    Commercial Bank Lending in the Dominican Rep and Raising Capi..

    UPDATE: I have partially liked many of the names below, but still no cigar. I realize that I like unique names, that have a positive connotation, but the name does not necessarily mean something. For example, Barclays Capital. Barclays has a sophist..

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    Sports Based Job Bank where Sports Professionals/Athletes Can..

    The name should be short, catchy and easy to remember

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    Finetrading - Non-Bank Financing

    Non-bank financing of purchases of goods and raw materials. Non-bank financing of international trades and current assets. The business activity will be in Germany. Finetrading is an innovative instrument that can be used very easily and operati..

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    Tech-Savvy Credit Card Company / Online Bank for Latin America

    Seed stage, technology-driven financial startup focused on providing a disruptively smooth credit card and online banking experience for customers. We are revisiting and questioning the basic assumptions about how credit cards and bank accounts work t..

    • 137 names
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    Dynamic Investment Bank for Startups

    Hey all, So I need a name for a company that helps start-ups raise money and sell to larger organizations. An investment bank for startups if you will. The company will do business in Silicon Valley and internationally (Europe, Middle East, Asia, L..

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    Internet Bank

    international internet only financial institution

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