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    Bar in Australia (Drinking Venue)

    Dear Namers We are looking to set up a new bar in a suburban (out of the city) area in Sydney, Australia. The area is know as the Hills District. This region is an upper-middle class area with some disposable income. We are after a fun, edgy and ..


    • 308 names
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    • 14 votes

    Sports Bar Locater

    An app where sports fans will "check in" with what games are on the bar's tv. A fan trying to watch the Arizona Wildcats play in NYC would be able to quickly find the nearest bars playing that game. Another way the app could show what games are availab..


    • 67 names
    • 6 keywords
    • 6 votes

    Bar and Restaurant Events Website

    Bars and restaurants will list their daily events and/or offers. Free to use to both the business listing the event and to the user searching for an event. Target audience is everyone who wants to go out! Would like to avoid hyphens and want to re..


    • 223 names
    • 5 keywords
    • 10 votes

    Craft Beer Bar in Asia Market

    Imagine you're going to a new bar in town. The bar features the best craft beer selection and has a cozy atmosphere. You pick this bar as your second home. What you would like to call it? Think the Starbucks experience for Craft Beer Lovers! A place..

    • 114 names
    • 0 keywords
    • 25 votes

    Oyster Bar and Restaurant Names

    We are opening an oyster bar in Panama City Beach (Inlet Beach) to be exact. The Gulf of Mexico is about 200 yards away. The restaurant will serve raw, baked and fried oysters as well as other species of fish. We will also have non-seafood items as wel..

    • 441 names
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    • 10 votes

    Salad Juice Smoothie Take Away Bar

    A healthy smoothie juice salad cafe with focus on yummy filling fesh salads, lots of greens, filling healthy smoothies, juices that boost your mood and health. You walk in grab your smoothie or salad for take away. Always combining new exciting ways of..

    • 269 names
    • 9 keywords
    • 12 votes

    Soccer Snack Bar

    Looking for a name for our somewhat upscale and hip snack bar located at a large outdoor soccer facility. Menu consists of gourmet sandwiches, frozen yogurt, smoothies, gourmet burgers and fries, assortment of healthy refreshments and great coffee. A r..

    • 105 names
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    • 5 votes

    Name for Restaurant/Bar Focused Consumer Site/App.

    Update! We need your help to brainstorm the right URL for people to visit when they are seeking a great night out at a local bar or restaurant. The site will be a resource when you're trying to figure out where to go for dinner or drinks...the aim is..

    • 83 names
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    Bar Review and Rating Website

    This website will contain bar and entertainment reviews and ratings appealing to college students and recent graduates. Would like to be two syllables and possibly have Web 2.0 feel.

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