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Yelp-Like Members Only Discount App - 82 names

Uses gps to show nearby locations that are "in-network" that provide exclusive discounts for our members. Members get points for using their membership - points which are tracked and are used as currency for rewards and prizes...


Catchy Name for Online Shop Referral Discount Cashback Site - 166 names

I need a name to be used for an e-commerce site that will list/refer to online shops/merchants. Ideally it should be short and easily read pronounced in english and other latin language derivates...


Product Selling Website - Like Groupon - Not So Focused on Discounts - 166 names

Like groupon, some featured products, but not so focused on super low prices - quality, showcased products - if possible works in spanish and English, not necessary though. I like two word names or single word names if possible, I don't..


Location-Based Discovery App - 111 names

Our app finds interesting people around you, people who have the same interests of you. We need either the name for a "virtual guide" which helps people enlarging their network or, a creative name which is not necessary related t..


Community Focused Discount Computer Retailer - 139 names

Our business will offer affordable computers to budget constrained schools, non-profit organizations, businesses and underprivileged communities in US. Proceeds from our sales will be used to offer free computer classes to these commun..


Entertainment Discovery Start-Up - 122 names

We're looking for a name for an Entertainment Discovery start-up (a service that recommands movies, tv shows, music etc.) Original name: Tastr.com (already taken) We're looking for a name that is simple, international (easy to pronounc..

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Hand-picked names

BrandDeal.com AppSniffr.com
AppByter.com BeautyDiscoverers.com
PrintDiscover.com AppsRecommend.com
GamerSift.com AscentPearl.com
SignDiscover.com DiscountsInStore.com
ValuablePC.com HeartyPC.com
GetsetBargain.com StylFamous.com
Stypal.com Feeditive.com
ShelvnStyl.com Feedarch.com
Zendug.com Goldsnag.com

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Reggae Names

PolkaRap.com FolkSalsa.com
PolkaRagtime.com MariachiGospel.com
TechnoMariachi.com CalypsoRap.com
FunkGrunge.com SambaJazz.com
MerengueMariachi.com SambaCalypso.com
SalsaFunk.com RockabillyCalypso.com
PunkGrunge.com RockabillyRap.com
DiscoPunk.com GrungeHillbilly.com
PunkJazz.com RockabillyCalypso.com
OldiesSalsa.com BluesyMusic.com

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Discotheque Names

GrandstandsAuditorium.com RestaurantNightclub.com
BookstoreCrematorium.com BallroomBar.com
NightclubHangouts.com RestaurantPlaza.com
RestaurantSandbar.com ChancelleryCafe.com
BallroomNightclub.com BrothelTavern.com
GrandstandsMotel.com BrothelBarbershop.com
HangoutsCrematorium.com HangoutsGym.com
GrandstandsEatery.com GymSawmill.com
SandbarCoffeehouse.com CrematoriumPawnshop.com
RestaurantDisco.com MarinaGrandstands.com

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Funk Names

FunkyCare.com FunkyTag.com
FunkyEscape.com FunKickStore.com
MindFunkd.com FunkyNine.com
FunkyCT.com FunkyFlairs.com
SneakyFunk.com UpFunKidd.com
FunkeeBoards.com FunksInn.com
OptiPlume.com Glamint.com
Deixels.com Funkaywatch.com
Funkaholix.com Glafab.com
Visulin.com Funklyx.com

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