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    • 52 names
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    French Ebook About "Anti-Aging Secrets of Hollywood Stars"

    French Ebook about "Anti-Aging Secrets Of Hollywood Stars" giving natural anti-aging advices...

    • 43 names
    • 6 keywords
    • 0 votes

    Need a Brand Name/Domain Name for a Grow Taller Ebook

    Hi, everyone. I am going to be selling an ebook on how to grow taller. I need a brand name for it. For example a friend suggested "the vertical advantage system" I loved it but there's already an helicopter service by that name So you know....

    • 109 names
    • 11 keywords
    • 17 votes

    Starting a Brand

    I'm a professional hair stylist looking to develop my own brand. I want to start up with my own hair company since it's something I can create an online store to manage being that I have a newborn. My new baby which is a girl, her name is Sofiayah Idar..

    • 349 names
    • 42 keywords
    • 13 votes

    Social Media and PR Software

    Simple, elegant yet powerful and comprehensive tool designed to build audiences around companies, brands and people. Easily manage media relations, create content, and pitch stories to relevant audiences. Take control of what happens with testing devic..

    • 227 names
    • 0 keywords
    • 47 votes

    BRAND Name for a Bitcoin Debit Card and ATM Service Located i..

    Looking for a brand name for a bitcoin debit card and ATM service located in Quebec Canada. Does not necessarily have to have the wording "bitcoin", "bit" or "coin" in the name. It can be a short and catchy BRAND name like: Kitco, Xapo, DropBox,..

    • 145 names
    • 0 keywords
    • 13 votes

    Designer Clothing and Accessories Retailer

    Fashion oriented global online store. Designer clothes and accessories for women, men, children.

    • 126 names
    • 0 keywords
    • 29 votes

    Books and Programs Review Website

    Niche: education (Wisdom, Self-Growth/Development/Improvement, philosophy, psychology, spirituality) Target audience: people who are searching for better quality of life, success, books, programs These are books and programs that I have read and ..

    • 81 names
    • 0 keywords
    • 66 votes

    Name for a Consulting / Training & Awareness Company

    1, Serious Games for Corporates for subjects like project management, cyber security etc. 2. Training & Awareness 3. Game Based Business Simulations 4. Learning BY Doing 5. Innovative training solutions 6. Interactive workshops 7. Experience, i..

    • 134 names
    • 0 keywords
    • 15 votes

    Sales Recruitment Agency

    Hi, we are rebranding to specialise in sales recruitment primarily for SME's. Would like either a sales related company name or one which highlights future growth and potential for these type of companies such as advance, prosper etc. Also aiming for..

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