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Social Network (Facebook + Groupon Functionality) - 118 names

We have built a social network that combines facebook & Groupon functionality. Users are able to select from companies that are of interest to them, and receive offers, discounts and promotions;

Company Name for Facebook Training/Consulting Company - 33 names

Facebook Training and Consulting for Small Business Owners that range for beginners to proficient users. The company will offer both training & managment of client content with a focus on Facebook Fan Pages...

Need a Brand Name/Domain Name for a Grow Taller Ebook - 43 names

Hi, everyone. I am going to be selling an ebook on how to grow taller...

French Ebook About "Anti-Aging Secrets of Hollywood Stars" - 52 names

French Ebook about "Anti-Aging Secrets Of Hollywood Stars" giving natural anti-aging advices...

Pirate Game Playable on Browser as a Facebook App - 295 names

We have a pirate game. Watch videos of it here: https://youtu.be/1rX4lZ5Pfzc?..

A Youtube and Facebook Competitor - 555 names

We are investing heavily in a website that will rival youtube and facebook, this is primarily being created because of the way youtube has treated independent musicians in the last couple of weeks. Whilst the motivation behind this site..


Software Development Website - 115 names

No trademark words included (e.g. intel, apple etc)...

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Ebook Names List
TheStyleBooking.com TheNewLifeBook.com
TheVenueBooking.com ProHouseBook.com
OnlineBookDoctor.com HomeServiceBooker.com
EasyServiceBooker.com OnlineBookingDoctor.com
WorldChoiceBooking.com AceBookBet.com
PerfectChoiceBooking.com CollegeBookBucket.com
CollegeBookBase.com DirectWorldwideBooking.com
Aeroless.com Aeroless.com
ExploreBook.com ProTradebook.com
ViewWish.com UseBooking.com
GlobalWideBooking.com SquareBooking.com
SocialPicturebook.com LiveBookmaking.com
RedIndies.com VenueBookPoint.com
CubeBooking.com AppNotebook.com
LifeBookingly.com ConsultCollege.com

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