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To create Holding names, we have compiled a list of associated words - hold, held, company, stake, investment etc. Use our domain name generators to create niche names and check availabilty instantly.

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Retailer General Merchandise and Household Goods. - 105 names

Retailer of general merchandise and household goods. Company model is based on the walmart /target model but to be established on a smaller scale. Seeking brand able and easy to remember name. Aim to make the


Private Investments Holding Company - 254 names

Starting a private investments holdings LLC. The company will be managing investments for friends, colleagues and others that are interested in investing in a diversity of businesses...

Brandable Name for a Small Holding Company With Big Reach - 250 names

I'm looking for a single brandable name (can be made up) for a holding company involved in multiple businesses that prides itself on being small in size but big in reach/influence. I've been trying to combine words that mix latin words ..

Creative Business Name for a Holding Company With Multiple Ecommerce Sites - 125 names

Looking for a fun, creative play on words domain name (dot com only) for use as a holding company. The name should be short ( less than 10 letters), pronounceable and playful...

Website that Sells Sustainable Furniture and Household Goods - 109 names

Site that sells sustainable products made in the US from natural American components (e.g. solid hardwoods, organic finishes)...

Interactive Holding Company - 214 names

Hello, I am looking for short, catchy and simple name for our internet interactive holding company. Our company works on internet, media and telephone (Call Center)...

Name for a Holding Company - 132 names

For a company doing consulting (strategic, entrepreneurship advising, management, tech), SaaS and digital products (ebooks, software). The name must be: two English words, easy to say, not difficult to write (no made up words, nothin..

New Name for a "Blue Collar" Investment Holding Company. - 219 names

We are a existing investment holding company based in South Africa seeking a name change. The company's current name is bpc group...

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TheShopNet.com NetMediaHub.com
NetIdeaSynch.com NetIdeaDevise.com
SmartBoost.com BlueEnterprises.com
BlueCompany.com BlueDirect.com
BlueManagement.com BlueInvest.com
BlueInvest.com BlueInvestments.com
BlueAgency.com BlueFundRise.com
BlueBusiness.com BlueBayTrade.com
BlueHolding.com BlueFireHoldings.com
BlueAct.com BlueGuard.com
BlueAgent.com BlueHead.com
BlueAdmin.com BlueModel.com
BlueIndustry.com BlueStrategies.com
BlueTell.com GoldStreetHoldings.com
SilverLineHoldings.com NovaNetSynergy.com

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