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    Name for my New HR Tech Company / Product

    I'm building a product that helps companies do a much better job of bringing new employees into their company. Instead of focusing on just ticking off all the tasks, This product will help new employees and their managers create a stron..

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    Global HR Consultancy

    Global and Domestic US HR and Recruitment consulting for all continents - biotech/high-tech industries - start up companies to build HR infrastructure (programs, policies, processes etc) - for mid to larger size, hyper growth compan..

    Outsourcing European HR

    I have an outsourcing European HR business. Unlike others, not only do I work on compliance but more importantly on using an innovative approach to leading people and guiding business owners...

    Name for HR Startup

    We are currently having an online solution for managing absences times within teams and companies. Our goal is now to extend this solution to an entire HR solution. Thats what we need a name for. We would like to stay with a .io domain.

    HR Website

    Our company offers employees the ability to login to an HR Portal to gain access into their information. We are looking for a name to brand this new system that that is easy to remember, relevant to Human Resources and can relate to an ..

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