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    Task List Application for Enterprise

    Hello! I'm looking for a name for application/website. The website will have the same name as application and it is NOT a company name. Application is targeted to middle level management so it's name must be easy to understand. It..

    Winner: chosen from 366 names

    Bad Debtors List Website Domain Name

    We need a .com name for our website which helps businesses vet their prospective customers of owing bad debts. Essentially it is a black list of businesses who owe money to other businesses OR opposite of Better Business Bureau; it is th..

    Winner: chosen from 196 names

    Gift List App

    Looking for a cool, snappy easy to spell name for a gift list app. The word gift or wish may be in the word but not necessary...

    Winner: chosen from 84 names

    Education Institution List

    Planning to launch a website which displays list of all education institutions, the courses they offer and the faculty it has. This site will have a list of all schools, colleges and their courses and faculty listing...

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