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To create Medical Business Names, we have compiled a list of 852 words associated with Fitness, Health, Medicine etc. Try our name generators to quickly create 17 types of names with all of these words. Our instant domain check ensures, that the names are not taken.

If names with popular keywords are not available, we suggest using alternative words such as checkup, aesculapian, health, dental, psychiatric etc.

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    • 99 names
    • 4 keywords
    • 6 votes

    Name for New Medical Equipment and Supply Tracking Company

    New company starting selling technology solutions to hospitals to track inventories and equipment. This is primarily a tech company that will provide insights on how to improve operational efficiency through inventory tracing/tracking.

    Winner: posted by brom4880

    • 104 names
    • 4 keywords
    • 8 votes

    Medical Billing and Coding Services

    WE are a service that Physicians can outsource their Medical Billing and coding to.

    Winner: posted by brom4880

    • 303 names
    • 9 keywords
    • 33 votes

    Medical Weight Loss Website and Clinic

    Opening an evidence-based medical weight loss website and clinic. The goal of both the physical location and the website is to offer proven, evidence-based medical weight loss information and treatment overseen by obesity medicine specialists. Bot..

    Winner: posted by RawDomain

    • 539 names
    • 8 keywords
    • 23 votes

    Medical Tourism

    The platform will list curated internationally accredited hospitals and doctors. The platform will allow a consumer to shop for medical procedures abroad in a safe and secure manner and will contain reviews and ratings of the health institutions and me..

    Winner: posted by pc-rn

    • 159 names
    • 2 keywords
    • 0 votes

    Medical Record Name

    A service which works like a medical record (history). Parents and doctors can put data about children on their illness as a record of the progress of illnes and treatment.

    Winner: posted by Dijawa

    • 326 names
    • 8 keywords
    • 10 votes

    Medical Clinic Name

    i am a physician looking for a name for our medical center: here is our needs: - catchy name - short length - modern for example I have registered which = ReNewClinincs please note that the name should allow for future e..

    Winner: posted by Bulberry

    • 265 names
    • 4 keywords
    • 14 votes

    Need a Name for my Medical Devices E-Commerce Store

    Purpose ---------- I am one of the leading medical devices supplier in india. The major part of my business is Ultrasound scanners. I am planning to start the first e-commerce site in india for selling the scanners and high end devices. the product r..

    Winner: posted by emmarsh

    • 311 names
    • 10 keywords
    • 14 votes

    E Commerce Startup in the "Medical Supplies"

    For an E Commerce Startup for "Medical Consumables ; Medical Devices & Medical Equipment" Would like to show integrity; authenticity; quick service and reliability. Would like to have a smart name - like "Procuremed"; "forMed"; "medsure"

    Winner: posted by Archimedes

    • 142 names
    • 9 keywords
    • 47 votes

    Medical Website Name

    I am designing a medical website for an orthopaedic surgeon in the UK, the domain should be less than 12 letters, catchy and be related to bones, joints, hips, knees and orthopaedic surgery. (Note not to have orthopedic in title, ie. US spelling)

    Winner: posted by freelancers2all

    • 262 names
    • 6 keywords
    • 11 votes

    Cloud Based Practice Management & Electronic Medical Records ..

    I am looking to name a software as a service for acupuncturists to use so that they can run their practices. I am looking for a short memorable name that can be trademarked. The main idea is that the software is cloud based, easy to use, efficient, a..

    Winner: posted by Rowan White

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