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Mobile App that Helps Friends Decide on a Time and Place to Meet. - 62 names

Looking for a fun and approachable name for an app that helps groups of friends decide on a time and place to meet. Ideal characteristics: - Between 3 and 6 characters...

App for Showing (And Making) Bookings Outside Meeting Rooms - 261 names

We have developed an app to run on tablets mounted on the walls outside meetings/conference rooms, where it will show if the room is free/vacant or busy/occupied. It also shows you what the current meeting is about (the meeting subject)..

Creative Meeting Event Experience Design Consultancy - 192 names

Turning a meeting into an experience OR Turning an event into an experience... I will be the visionary to a consulting business that focuses on taking a business challenge or opportunity and turning it into an experience...

Social Network With Funny/Flirty Tools So as to Meet New People. - 79 names

The purpose of this site is to **meet new people** through funny tools. The whole idea is surrounded by a **"box"** and so is the logo...

Ecommerce Data Service - Alexa Meets Comscore/Forrester Research - 47 names

We run a startup doing e-commerce analyzis. We have our own search spider that tracks if you use DHL, Fedex or UPS to ship...

Name for Online Meeting Scheduler (.Com Domain) - 122 names

We are looking for a name for online meeting scheduler. User creates a poll and sends invitations to his/her friends that vote for the best date...

Meet Your Friends - 94 names

Target audience are people who travel a lot and want to make sure they will meet the friends or business acquaintances in other places they have.

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