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"Story Snacks" Was Original Name - Looking for Something Similar But Different. - 201 names

Gourmet snack company with a direct mission of helping others. This company will be a collection of snacks...mine, and others, launching initially with my 'snack' product...


Social News Startup Focused on Viral Content With Some Original Reporting. - 150 names

We want Silly. Cheezberger, Onion, Buzz, Daily Chive etc. These type of sites have silly names. That is what we want. Looking for a catchy name, it even be kind of strange.NEEDS TO BE .COM Silly Style Name Welcome


Local Original Art Finder (Web App) - 43 names

Unique name for an online local art marketplace; 3-10 letters, ideally one word, .com only; easy way to search for local art, see more of what's out there, find out where it's showing, buy pieces online; target audience: urban young prof..

Original Name for Search Engine Comparison - 120 names

I'm looking for an original name for a small search engine that will compare products for differents website. The name should be original and easy to type/remember...


Vlog for Local Restaurants Bars and Shops. - 134 names

I'm working on a project that will be presented as a video blog. The purpose of the blog is to highlight local restaurants, bars, and shops that are one of a kind...


Asset Exchange - 186 names

This name is for an app that is an exchange for housing/real-estate and land. Keywords: - Asset - Real Estate (re for short) - Exchange (ex, x, dex) - Securities (stock) - Global - Listing Service Shorts or acronyms work wel..


Home Office Decor and Tech Website - 142 names

Essentially a Houzz for techy home offices and gamer set-ups. The slang term is a "battlestation" so I'd like to play off that word if possible...

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NetArtsMart.com TheOriginalLeague.com
TheOriginalDeals.com TheSnackStory.com
TheSnackPivot.com TheSnackLink.com
TheSnackShackle.com TheSnackTale.com
TheSnackPool.com TheSnackStories.com
TheSnackland.com UniLifeSnax.com
UniBioSnax.com NeoSauce.com
MultiGourmetStory.com OriginalWorks.com
OriginalFilmsPoster.com OriginalFilmGallery.com
OriginalTen.com StoryInternet.com
FullCircleSnacks.com OriginalConsultancy.com
StoryTransfer.com OriginalSecure.com
OriginalChefFood.com OriginalPlatform.com
OriginalDrones.com OriginalOcean.com
OriginalBoost.com OriginalSurveys.com

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