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Pickup Sports App - 57 names

Name is for an app that connects people who want to play pickup sports games.

Marketing / Entrepreneurship Blog Name (Help Me Pick a Brand) - 164 names

Edit: Combine an animal with a marketing word. Try that as something different as the criteria I posted below wasn't really getting anything interesting...

Name that Implies Hand Picked Must Watch Videos & Juiciest Stories on the Web - 139 names

Looking for a name for a site that implies it's full of juicy, must watch videos & stories. This site would be competing head on with the likes of dailymail.com, gawker.com, buzzfeed.com, upworthy.com etc...

Collection of Hand Picked Technical Videos for Entrepreneurs Software Developers - 99 names

The website will contain videos (only) for the IT industry. Software developers, programmers, testers, database admin, unix/linux etc...

Medical Tech Company - Will Pick Winner - 174 names

Hello! We're looking for a name and domain for a Medcial Tech company that will be * gathering data about your body and health and presenting to users * offering online Video consultations, with Physician, Psychiatric, Physiother..

Pick a Great Name - 138 names

Hello I do temporary tattoos.body art & facepainting. I also make balloon decorations like columns and arches. I twist animal balloons and play games. Please help me think of a name that describes all that.

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