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    Pick a Great Name

    Hello I do temporary tattoos.body art & facepainting. I also make balloon decorations like columns and arches. I twist animal balloons and play games. Please help me think of a name that describes all that.

    • 174 names
    • 8 keywords
    • 25 votes

    Medical Tech Company - Will Pick Winner

    Hello! We're looking for a name and domain for a Medcial Tech company that will be * gathering data about your body and health and presenting to users * offering online Video consultations, with Physician, Psychiatric, Physiotherapy professional..

    • 164 names
    • 0 keywords
    • 11 votes

    Marketing / Entrepreneurship Blog Name (Help Me Pick a Brand)

    Edit: Combine an animal with a marketing word. Try that as something different as the criteria I posted below wasn't really getting anything interesting. ********************************** I'm creating a blog about marketing / internet entreprene..

    • 131 names
    • 4 keywords
    • 6 votes

    Pick a Unique Marketing Name

    Be creative!! I'm looking for catchy fun names like Orange Peel Basically we want to offer local marketing services (paid and nonpaid search, social services, etc.) for customers that want to engage their local community (doctors, dentists, lawyers,..

    • 59 names
    • 3 keywords
    • 0 votes

    Health Protection Edu

    Winner: HealthProtectionEdu.com

    • 142 names
    • 0 keywords
    • 18 votes

    Fun Domain Name for Site on Minimalism and Simplicity

    I am building an online site similar to ProBlogger.net, CopyBlogger.com, and SmartPassiveIncome.com. But... with a focus on simplicity and minimalism. We need a fun, easy-to-remember domain name that's available in the ".com" extension. But I wa..

    Winner: SimplerU.com

    • 156 names
    • 5 keywords
    • 7 votes

    Webmarketing Agency Website

    Hello, We are about to launch a webmarketing agency in NYC, and we are looking for a cool name that would show are clever we are. Targeting small to medium businesses. Need a professional clever name that's easy to spell. Shorter is preferable. ..

    • 74 names
    • 0 keywords
    • 0 votes

    Creative URL for a Site in Esoteric World

    creative URL for a site in esoteric world of uncovering ancient history and modern hidden secrets We are looking for a site that encompass the hidden, secret world of how how ancient history and modern times are a veil that covers the real truth. We..

    Winner: Truthrs.com

    • 98 names
    • 0 keywords
    • 93 votes

    A Website which Lets You Shop and Donate Part of Order Value to Charity

    Looking for something clever. Perhaps impossible to convey the info that by shopping, you donate money, but you don't have to pay yourself, the money comes our of the retailers pocket. We've been playing around with words and phrases like gifts, rel..

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