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    Investment Strategy Consulting Company Focussing on Real Estate Private Equity

    We are launching an Investment Strategy Consulting Company in India, target audience being Ultra High Net-worth Individuals. The core focus would be Real Estate Portfolio Management, Fund Raising services for Real Estate Private Equity, Peer to Peer Fu..


    • 56 names
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    • 56 votes

    Psychology Private Practice

    I'll soon be leaving active duty service & will start a private practice. I'm looking for a respectable name that isn't face valid. So many therapy names are literal, mushy, & off-putting. Intended audience is all inclusive, but a name that isn't off-p..


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    Unified Communications and Private Cloud Company

    Company is highly focused on developing and deploying unified communications solutions to companies. This is developed on a specialized hyper-converged cloud system. The companies focus will be on mid-size markets and focus on developing these solution..


    • 196 names
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    • 17 votes

    Name for Online FBA/Private Label Seller

    We are looking for a memorable/catchy name for an online FBA seller. We are starting out doing FBA but will want to expand to private label, other sites, the future. We want to convey that we are cost conscious, honest, reliable and always ..


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    Online Private-Label Business Name Needed

    I'm starting up a private-label business selling mass market consumer products in the $10-$60 range online through Amazon and need to come up with a unique name for the business. I don't want the name to associate me with any particular product segment..


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    • 36 votes

    Online Investor Relations Tool for Private Companies

    Online Platform allowing entrepreneurs to administrate and inform their shareholders. It's a platform which takes a 360 degree approach, offering functionalities covering all aspects and more of investor relations. It's an institutional tool for privat..


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    • 6 keywords
    • 31 votes

    Cash Back Private Club

    Site will be a cash back private club. People can register only when they have invitation from other user. Is no need to use word like "cash" or "money" in name of website. I need the name is easy to remember. This does not necessarily mean anything.


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    Private Investments Holding Company

    Starting a private investments holdings LLC. The company will be managing investments for friends, colleagues and others that are interested in investing in a diversity of businesses. The name should be easy to pronounce, especially by non-native Engli..


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    Private Email Domain (Preferably De-TLD)

    The domain name is intended for handling private emails for me and my family and friends. No official site or anything. It would be nice to have a name which is rather short and easy to read and explain (e.g. on the telephone). Preferably de-TLD or if ..


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    Private Capital Firm

    This is for a small private firm investing in distressed debts typically backed by real estate. The name should be as short as possible, ideally 2 words but no more than 3 MUST NOT CONTAIN THE WORD "CAPITAL". It must be a.COM


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