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1652 Research Names

Technology and Research Company - 51 names

Hi everyone! We are starting a new technology research company here in Brazil to work with governments...

AI Research Assistant - 179 names

We are looking for ideas to name an AI research assistant. For people who create or rely upon research reports and presentations, this product automatically finds information, analyzes it, and drafts deliverables...

Need a Name for my Writing/ Research/ Editing Consulting LLC - 373 names

I am a consultant starting a LLC. I will be offering services to non-profits, small businesses, and large corporations...

Online Tools for Market Researches (Research Blogs Chatrooms Diaries Forums) - 82 names

The site we are planning to start will offer several tools for market researcher - online focus groups, research blogs, forums, research diaries, videochat (all used in qualitative research). Researchers invite their respondents in..

Mobile Data Collection Form Builder Application for Research Scientists - 162 names

This is a web application that allows users to easily design and build tablet PC oriented data collection forms. These forms can be deployed to any number of users/mobile devices...

Brandable Name Needed for New Online Surveys and Research Web Product - 462 names

Website will offer online surveys and research services. Users will be able to create surveys, collect data and analyze the results...

Name for Company which Offers Research Advice - 105 names

The company offers advice on research methods, data collection, survey and questionnaire design, customer and area profiling. Services are provided to charities, community groups and small businesses...

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