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Choosing a name is ultimately a creative decision, but we can make picking the perfect name easier an faster. Business founders often spend hours or even days looking for a name, only to find that all the good ones are taken. In the domain name aftermarket, names are being sold for ridiculous amounts, while good available names can still be found.

Great available names still exist, it is just a matter of finding them. An available .COM domain usually means that no-one else has claimed that name or trademark and the name is unique worldwide.

There are virtually unlimited ways to form new words. NameStation's 28 search methods help evaluate a large number or name suggestions with a few mouse clicks. Generated names are sorted by our quality ranking system. In addition to fast bulk domain check Namestation provides search guidance, keyword suggestions, name variations etc. First suitable name candidates can usually be discovered in minutes. Registered users can define their project niche, save their requirements and return to their search progress at any time.

Because no algorithm can beat human creativity, users can also choose to hold crowdsourced naming contests and hire our community of naming experts. To reward contributors, NameStation has a built-in Talent Points system which is tied to monetary rewards.

Quick Facts

  • World's #1 Domain Name Generator since 2005, based on Google search
  • Over 1 000 000 registered users
  • Originally launched as MakeWords. Renamed to NameStation in 2010
  • 386,830,727 domain name ideas checked
  • 7993 name contests held
  • Developed in Palo Alto, California and Tallinn, Estonia